Let’s get your brilliant idea off the ground

Hi, I’m Jamie — the newest tool in your arsenal.

I am a creative consultant with expert knowledge on digital marketing and branding, but do you want to know what truly sets me apart? ACTION. Not only can I strategize with you, I can take you from ideation to implementation. I can design, strategize, code, and give a pep talk like nobody’s business.

Let’s talk about your vision and how we can work together to make it happen!

Let’s take action:

Brainstorm Call

Lost in the muck with no clue what comes next? Book a Brainstorm Call and brand audit for a game plan on how to reach your goals. We look at the big picture, creating a comprehensive roadmap of things to focus on to see max results in the next 6-12 months of your business. This is the cheat sheet for feeling calm and on track.


Once you see your new brand, you’ll go, “YES THAT’S IT, OMG!” We’re talkin’ careful, intentional development of your color palette, typography, taglines, social media templates, and multiple logo variations—it’s all about building your own branding package so you get exactly what you need to be obsessed with your business.


Pssst! Social media doesn’t replace a website. I repeat: SOCIAL MEDIA DOES NOT REPLACE A WEBSITE. Rather than relying on wonky algorithms and a whole lot of guesswork, we’ll create a digital experience for your business that’s sexy, functional, and geared specifically to your needs. You’ll walk away with a website that makes you proud as hell to write your URL on the back of a bar napkin.

Creative Strategy

Need long-term support (and a ton of encouragement)? Utilize me as an ongoing resource who can keep you on track, steer you toward your goals, and take action (quickly) on all your big ideas as you have them. Having a great brand and site is the first (very important) step in sustaining and growing momentum, but creative strategy is the secret sauce that takes you from 0 to 100.

full website & branding

podcast branding

full website & branding

full website & branding

full website & branding